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Humanized design of small household appliances

October 30, 2021

With the improvement of consumption levels, more and more people demand that small household appliances should fully reflect the advantages of "safety, power, multi-function, energy saving and environmental protection". First of all, small household appliances should improve safety functions. If the safety protection function of small home appliances is not perfect, especially in the external operating system, the safety facilities are not complete, it is very likely that consumers will be unconsciously harmed during use. Secondly, small household appliances should have intelligent functions. Its use and design should make more use of high technology, especially the use of advanced electronic computer technology to make the operation more convenient. Small appliances should have the advantage of multi-function, just like a home computer can not only have the functions of games, music, and film and television literature, but also have functions such as home banking, family finance, small housekeeper, investment consultant, and collaboration. Small household appliances should also have energy-saving functions. The number of household appliances in each family has increased exponentially, and the world's energy industry, especially the power industry, may be unable to meet and adapt to this rapid growth due to insufficient investment. Finally, it should have environmental protection functions. On the one hand, the use of small household appliances should not bring more harmful factors such as noise and radiation to the family. On the other hand, the scrap recycling of small household appliances should not pollute the environment.