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Three advantages of small appliances

October 30, 2021

1. Security
Security is the foundation of human existence and life. Without security, any problem is meaningless. Therefore, when designing, we should try to avoid negative impacts on people or society in the process of maximizing product usability. In a harmonious and sustainable development environment, on the one hand, modern design and values ​​and ethics should assume corresponding social responsibilities; on the other hand, modern design should proceed from the perspective of human health and long-term interests and stand on the basis of design ethics. High, to consider the needs of humans that cannot be perceived by themselves in the subconscious. Only in this way can human society develop in a healthy and stable manner.

Small household appliances are powered by electricity, and electricity is a dangerous factor. It is right for people to pay attention to safety. Secondly, safety is related to the materials and components of the product and the design of the product. This determines that safety issues must be resolved when humanized design is carried out.

2. Ease of use
The development of small home appliances is closely related to people's consumption awareness and consumption level. Its rapid and convenient advantages have won the favor of general families.
Five attributes:
①Ease of learning: users can easily master how to use the product
②High efficiency: practical and effective, can achieve the expected goal faster
③Easy to remember: use again after a certain period of time, you can operate freely without learning
④ Make fewer mistakes: It is not easy to make mistakes in the operation process, and even if there is one, it can be found and corrected in time
⑤Satisfaction: users are satisfied with the product and are willing to use it
At present, the designer has proposed the four modernizations of small home appliances: foolish details, intelligent operation, humanized design, universal product

3. Environmental protection
With the convening of the Copenhagen World Climate Conference, more and more people have begun to pay attention to the issue of ecological and environmental protection. With the continuous progress of energy conservation and environmental protection, small household appliances, an area that has always been overlooked, has been pushed to the fore. Energy saving and environmental protection of small household appliances is the general trend. The output of small household appliances is huge, and the growth rate is amazing. The total amount of energy consumed and the growth rate cannot be ignored. For the long-term development of small household appliances, products with low technical content and high energy consumption must be eliminated, industrial upgrading and structural adjustment must be accelerated, and energy efficiency must be met. Although many small household appliances are small in size, their energy consumption does not need to be lower than those of the big ones. According to low-carbon environmental protection is not a slogan, paying attention to environmental protection and being a low-carbon consumer cannot ignore the energy-saving and environmental protection issues of small household appliances. The selection of small appliances is the top priority